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Hi Friends.

Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody. I hope you all got in some last summertime feels, and some good rest. I don't know about you, but around here September is already sweeping through like a big broom – expertly clearing out spaces that haven’t been touched in months (or even years). Concussion recovery has been slow going, and the process of clearing and organizing my studio, old hard drives, and other spaces has felt somewhat healing to my mind. In the process of clearing, however, some ghosts hanging out in the nooks and crannies have inevitably kicked up.

The best of them is the reemergence of my record, Following the Light. It’s been a long time coming: I recorded these songs in the studio almost three years ago, and so much of this music is wrapped up with the ghosts of another time. As I listen back now, the album – which I’ll release in its entirety later this fall, both digitally and on vinyl (!!!) – feels like some powerful spell work… an enchantment, really, weaving intense love and intense loss into something one can possibly see, touch, and maybe even accept.


At the very least, know that I imbued these recordings with this intention – to be a beacon through complicated love – and whether or not you love or hate them I feel pretty sure the energy will do its work on you, even subliminally.

In the spirit of space-clearing rituals, this month (along with the September Playlist, of course) I’m offering up the title track for you to check out below, and perhaps clear a path for the rest of the songs to follow ♫ Another ghost, it was written a long time ago for someone I loved dearly, watching them bounce between moments of shining and... hiding. Listening back now, I realize it was of course also about myself. Even the fact that I waited three whole years to release this work speaks to that tension – to the dangerous feeling of revealing too much, the safety (and also the self-betrayal) in hiding, and navigating one's way between the two. To accepting oneself as broken and whole at the same time. Looking into this kind of multiplicity is beautiful and agonizing. Ultimately, it’s the only way to be with the truth. This song speaks to all of that, and I hope that in some way it speaks to you too. So listen, like it, share it, download it, add it to all your playlists, and show this song some love ♡

∞ ∞ ∞

Intuitively curated, as always, this time with a dual force: one for clearing out spaces, notions, interiors and exteriors with calm resolve; the other for releasing fear of the old ghosts that appear, and instead inviting them to the table, cleaning their faces, giving them a mug of tea, and finally listening to what it is they've been trying to tell you.

Newly released title track from my album, Following the Light, forthcoming from Beautywood Records (part of Friend Energies) later this year. Button below brings you to Spotify, but you can also listen on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and anywhere else you stream your tunes. Enjoy, friends ♡


Sending you all energy towards clearing the spaces that need it most in your life,

some measure of pleasure and safety in re-meeting old ghosts

that may appear along the way,

and full permission to join them in coming out of hiding

by letting yourself be seen.

~ Caitlin ~

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