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Caitlin's wild imagination and fearless work ethic allow her to deftly maneuver the balancing act of the creative process – she is at once in the clouds dreaming big dreams while rooted firmly in reality, building tangible, creative deliverables with her collaborators and clients.


Each project we do is unique, and we build teams of professional artists and creative freelancers to address the particular aesthetic needs and demands of the work at hand. Our relationships with these talented individuals form the backbone of all of the work that FRIEND ENERGIES makes, whether for clients or with partners and collaborators, as well as our original in-house productions.

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One of our main objectives – and defining features – is our ability to connect with working artists. In an effort to connect mainstream platforms with elements of counterculture, the art world, and the most innovative projects produced by creators today, we foster collaborations between artists and our clients (brands, individuals, organizations) in order to give artists more visibility, and our projects more authenticity.


We make friends in high and low places and we like it that way. ♡♡♡


Founding Creative Director


Hi, Friends. I've been working in communications,  media, and the art world for over 15 years as three-time author, editor, content creator, artist, performer, director, and producer. I've always worn many hats – which means I'm a bit of a creative chameleon – and this has allowed me to build relationships and form community with all kinds of people, in multiple directions. 


I founded FRIEND ENERGIES in 2019 because I wanted to expand and share these beautiful networks, and to more deeply explore and celebrate the importance of today's culturemakers.


As an artist and a mother, I place profound value on human capital – our talents, our time, our compassion and ambition, our propensity to grow and change, and our unique ability to share and communicate our experiences; as a human being, I value our sacred planet. In my gut I feel that creativity in all forms is what makes this world go round. And that those who devote their lives to making and sharing culture are the engine that moves us forward. Hear us roar.


We are artist- and mother- led,

         rely on the trust and respect inherent in our

creative networks and communities,           

                        and are guided by the spirits of



                                                          and the

                                       PROTECTION OF PLANET EARTH


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