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♡ Hi Friends ♡

HAPPY SPRING!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! So much in here today, so much in the air, so much in the garden of this unfurling time of year. Whether you're a mom or not, you passed through one on your way earth-side from the beyond, and your journey is intimately connected with the Mother-being, Mother as archetype, your (or any) Mother individual/s, and Mother as one of the foundational patterns of humanity. Let's all take a sec to contemplate this, actually... you and everyone you know, every ancestor in your line, every human on the planet has passed through a mother. Let's honor her. Complex and personal. Universal and iconic. Whatever your relationship is to Mothers and Mothering – as one, from one, far from it, yearning for it, tired from it, grateful in it, over it or all of it – we've culturally determined that that now is a moment to collectively appreciate the portal that is Mother. The Mother is the gateway to our earthly experience. And that is something very special and powerful indeed. 

 ✽ ✾ ❃ ✾ ✽

I know I always say "I'll be brief this time," and then end up writing a novel, but today I mean it because shortly I'm going to get in the bath, light a scented altar, and really soak up some rest and body-care in my own Mother's Day ritual. So in the spirit of celebrating the care we give to ourselves and each other, and nicely nested inside the sensuality of Taurus Season – which, if you know me well, is my jam – I've got a bouquet of exquisite little pleasures for you below. No long allegorical musings on life, just a 1, 2, 3 of springtime care and beauty to experience. Let's go ♡



1 NEW ESSAY OUT IN MOTHERTONGUE. What can I say. This big little mag is a tour de force of writers and artists, thinkers and doers, activists and originals. It's a beautiful publication and I'm honored to be included. Also, when I received my free copy I realized that the inimitable Miranda July is in here too, in an interview literally right next to my piece (in other words, my essay is rubbing up on her feature like a big ole fangirl, nbd).


In all seriousness though, this magazine blows up the concept of Mother, Mothering, and Motherhood and expands it to the universe that it is: Provocative, edgy, poignant in all the unexpected ways. Editorial direction that is, shall we say, chef's kiss. Design that delights and demands and delights. Goodbye minimalism, hello color, torn edges, and strange juxtapositions. (A metaphor for Mother/hood, because they are sneaky smart like that.) So anyway, I could fluff this pub for days, but it's best you go get yourself a copy if you want to dive into the m/otherhood realm through all the side doors and windows. Mabes even through a tunnel that leads to the basement, or a hole in the roof. And as far as my essay goes – The Desire for Symmetry – well, you'll have to read it yourself to see how this piece fits into the puzzle of it all ♡


2  𖡼𖤣𖥧𖡼𓋼𖤣𖥧𓋼𓍊 ASTRO-VISIONING SESSIONS ⋆⭒˚.⋆ Booking Now ⋆⭒˚.⋆ What can I say, when it's time, it's time. And it's time (I think?!). I've been offering 1:1 readings and consultations by word of mouth over the past few years, and in the spirit of celebrating care on this day and in this season, I guess I'm ready to share the with a broader circle of friends. So this is it! Spring-ing to Life!


What the heck does this mean? ::: The ASTRO-VISIONING SESSIONS are like mini energetic life-path consultations. You walk in with your backpack of feels and circumstances, and together we unpack some of it, organize, it, get some outside hot takes from the Universe (re: the stars n' planets, your birth chart, your body and felt sense, your imagination (read: you already know, and by that I mean, you know)), and come up with a little plan for how best to concentrate your energy and attention over the next 1-2 months. Sound fun? It always is.


In the spirit of community care: I'm offering the first FIVE mini-sessions for FREE (25-minutes! for the hot-hot take), as well as the first FIVE full sessions (50-minute, full 360 assessment, live workshopping, & more) sessions at ✩⋆ ˚。half off ✩⋆ ˚。 my normal rate. Email me (below) to get the full deets and to snag a spot ~ or better yet, snag one for your mom ♡


3  Last but certainly not least: SO MANY PLAYLISTS. Four newbies, to be exact, all of which you'll find below. I didn't send out one of these letters from Feb through April, because, well, life. But behind the scenes I've continued to curate collections of tunes, always sonically-aligned to very specific energetic signatures.


MY GOD WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? It's a whole can of worms to get into – the theory, the science of sound attunement – but here's a little breadcrumb: recently I mentored a student up at Colby College in the field of bioacoustics, and we listened to the sound of plants' electromagnetic impulses. Every being, every cell has water (a conductor) and some form of electromagnetic resonance (the wave, "life," ye olde animating energy)... we were just using a tool that allowed us to hear it. Likewise, when we make or hear music, the water in our systems tunes to those vibrations. This is basically the whole theory around why sound healing works. So anyway – that's the cliff notes on the science behind energetic playlist listening. Is that too out there for you? Then just hit play and relax, there's nothing really to understand with that big ole brain of yours. Music does everything it needs to, all by itself.


"I suppose I’d like to be the size that has the perfect amount of space for my artistic life instead of contorting it into strange and angry shapes inside a modern heteropatriarchal nuclear family model, I want to say, imagining the words rolling off my tongue like laughter.

I’d like to be the size of someone who could create

better narratives for how to be a mother, here and now. Yet interestingly I’d also like to be a size that sidesteps caregiving all together—a size that reaps the bene fits of a family without all the work! Is there a size for that?"


The Desire for Symmetry, Caitlin Scholl (Mothertongue Magazine, Issue: 6)


Controversial? You'd be surprised. Get yours to get the full story.


What's Involved:


  • Beforehand: 360° Energetic Intake Form  

  • During: 25- or 50- minute 1:1 Session with me on Zooooooom  

  • Afterwards: Get a recording of our session, with the option to receive a bespoke sound-healing meditation track tailored to your month ahead, based on what came up in our session together.


Just email me for more info or to snag a spot.

Can't wait to get into it!





+ It's So Easy When You Know What You're Doing +

It's So Easy When You Do It Now +



+ High Octane Flood Plain + Total Eclipse of the Main Vein +

Eclipse it, Mix it, Moth to Flame + Angry Crying on the Train +



+ Starts with Dreams + Ends with Death +

Reflecting Pools of All our Best +

Dreams are Water + Dreams are Gold +

Tears are Diamonds + Don't Grow Old +



+ Excavation Winter Roots + Robot Lover w/ Nine Boots +

Weird is Lovely, Love is Weird + Electric Mammals, Disappeared +



See you in the dreamtime,


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