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♡ Hi Friends ♡

Just a quick note from the late-afternoon gloaming of a snowless winter in Maine. I'm here with some tunes to keep you company as you ride into the new year. I feel like 2023 was such a mixed bag of triumph and terror, growth and stagnation, effort and ease. If I'm honest, I'm not sorry to turn the page. As I'm writing this the sun is slipping away through the pines, fading as fast as the year itself, and everything is turning blue. Reflecting on all that happened in 2023, I have to say that there's something that feels almost unfinished. I heard someone say once that some years hold questions and some hold answers: 2023 was definitely a question year for me. Looking into the unknown of this next go-round, I feel something bubbling up that wants to emerge. Maybe it's an answer (I can only hope). Maybe it's a call to action. Maybe it's a download from the universe. But whatever it is, I think that instead of making resolutions for 2024, I'm just going to start doing the thing that emerges and asks to be done.


So that's my offering as we close out. I want to honor you all in your own version of the mortal conundrums experienced in 2023. The questions asked, the answers received, and all the energy you put into yourselves, each other, and into the world. The intentions are not lost. They are seeds, waiting patiently for the thaw from deep inside the earth's sleeping soils. They are sprouts gently poking up their heads, announcing themselves as if the first to ever do so. They are growing saplings, more firmly rooted by the day but flexible enough to still bend towards a shifting sun. And they are big bountiful trees, bearing the fruits you imagined so many moons ago. We're all at different stages of inner and outer work, or growth, or evolution, or whatever you want to call it... nevermind the fact that each part of ourselves or our lives are at different stages, too. Let's honor them all as we step into the next year. Let's celebrate wherever we're at and witness each other in the terrific, terrible, magical and monstrous humanness that we all share.


Here's to holding space for it all.



Below you'll find the NOV 2023 and DEC 2023 Playlists. Nov is full of moody, spare folk and folk-adjacent numbers, designed to accompany you through the murky depths of meeting your shadow in relationship.


And DEC? It's literally every single 2023 playlist combined into one. Ya, you read that right. You want a smorgesbord of emotions? All the moods, all at once? Pop that baby on mix mode and let'er fly. There's over 24 hours of music on there... something I felt strangely proud of when I compiled it all. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them both.


Thanks for being on this ride with me, Friends. And Happy New Year!

+ Melodies of growth, haunting and spare + Voices in harmony, braided with care + Ring out, ring in, the soft truth is a blade + These waters are yours,

so you wade, and you wade


+ 2023 from A to Z + Soak in the wisdom it brings + Every storm weathered,

every wish spoken + Woven into the collective dream



See you next year,


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