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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Hi Friends.

This month's thoughts and offerings are short but sweet. Like the fiddlehead, there are moments that remind us of our own unfurling. If life were linear it would be so much easier, but it's full of bounty and death and questions and achievements all at once, marked on our skin and in our hearts by the love we have felt and the pain we have endured. Spring is moving now, even in fits and spurts. It's fleeting and so are we. In this precious moment before the fiddleheads emerge and we unfurl into our next season, I ask:

What is it that you love most?

If there is a way to take that thing, that tiny kernel of the divine and wrap it up gently at your core, this is an invitation to so. Remember where you keep it inside of you. Tend to it daily as an act of devotion. Hold whole conversations with that love. Greet it each morning, and at night give thanks to that love. Remember each day that in no small way, what you love most in this life is who you are – nothing can take that from you. Your love is your own. Your love is your love.


Below you'll find your monthly playlist, and a new interview (!!!) with artist Megan Coonelly, whose beautiful work shines with acts of devotion. Enjoy them both, be gentle with yourselves, and keep that which you love most centered within ... for you deserve that love, every drop ♡

In those moments of life, or exhaustion, or ennui, when we have no choice but to LET GO of that which so tightly winds us, what reveals itself suddenly is a divine sort of S P A C E. This month's playlist is intuitively created around that internal space: a place for you to daydream, revel, mourn, ponder, seek, and maybe even find. Let your mind wander as far as it wants to... it might just help you remember who the f*ck you are.

New interview with Philadelphia-based visual artist Megan Coonelly! We caught up this week to talk about her work, her spirituality, and the creative process. Megan centers different versions of love in her work, reminding us all to do the same: I fell in love with the many ways she expresses devotion to her subjects through repetition, elevating love to a ritualistic activity. Catch our chat below, and see more of her work here.


Sending love to you all, and all that you love,


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