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Hi Friends.

Returning to the month of March feels like a reckoning with time. One year into the pandemic, and I think we're all having the milestone perspective of what has changed, what has shattered, what has grown, what we've taken with us through this year, and what we've let go of – either by choice or by necessity. Most of us were taught that time is a line, but sometimes we're reminded that it's also a spiral: a line that circles back endlessly, always moves forward, always echoes back to us what we need to re-see, re-think, re-learn, re-form. What feelings, thoughts, relationship dynamics or forces – internal or external – are circling back for you this March? How are you choosing to reckon with them this time around?


This playlist is what I call a "walker" – one you should cue up when you pop in your earbuds and head out for a walk. See what comes up. It's been working for me.

Aligning with the spiral, here's a beautiful video that an old friend showed me many moons ago. I always watch (and listen) a few times each March: There's just something special about it.

I've been helping my friend Emma Allen with the video component of a Community Project for Everyday Oil, her company that makes the most delicious body oil in the world (it's organic, genderless, and for everyone to use all over, everyday). The project features a beautiful array of folks using the product from all walks of life – check out these sweet vids below! And if you want to try the oil for the first time, or refill and possibly send us your own Everyday Oil routine, you can use the code "caitlovesyou" and get 25% off ♡

Created by Deepa Iyer, you may have already seen this image or additional materials circulating in the social media sphere. Iyer's system for conceptualizing social change – and the roles we all can and do play in a shifting society – is one of the cultural gems that emerged from 2020 that has impacted me the most, personally & creatively. These materials are for everyone: individuals, businesses, non-profits, and groups of any kind, who want to reflect on their role in social change. Check out the map, roles, and worksheets. ♡


Enjoy the return of spring, however it reaches you at this exact point

in your own spiraling journey.

~ Caitlin ~

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