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Hi Friends.

This month's offerings are simple and sweet.

I've started off the month thinking a lot about relationships – the synergistic bonds between two (or more) people. Some of my behind-the-scenes projects are relationship-focused, and I've been immersed in love languages, archetypes, and relational dynamics, both studying and writing about how (and why) we relate to each other... what happens when it clicks, and what happens when it doesn't.

Simultaneously, in the outside world where we all walk and work and live and love, things are still shifting everyday. As the US largely re-opens, relationships are brought to the fore and we collectively navigate new new normals, re-meeting each other (and ourselves) in a post-chrysalis reality.

So what IS the state of our connections? What's changed, what have we lost (or lost touch with), and what connections have deepened, either with ourselves or in our relationships? What veils have been pulled back (both literally and metaphorically), and what aspects of ourselves are unfolding that we weren't otherwise aware of?

The offerings below lean towards a sense of discovery in relationship – with yourself, with others, and with the world around you. If everything is indeed energy, how will you direct yours?


Designed to evoke feels around the nuance of relationship, always from multiple angles: the ups, the downs, the romanticized, the melancholic, the sweet, the sour, the solid, the unsteady, and everything in-between. What if we all relaxed enough to let these energies exist in a state of play, where multiplicity = pleasure, and Curiosity was Queen? Recommend turning on, tuning out, and letting your subconscious do the rest 🙂 🙃

Last fall (which seems so far away right now), I did a project with the publisher Insight Editions' spiritual imprint, Mandala. These two decks – think Tarot deck or deck of cards, not business proposal – offer ways to engage daily with practices of Gratitude and Self-Care. In my own process of navigating and examining my relationships this past year, each relationship I focused on always led back to a belief I held with myself. Along this vein: These two decks offer light, daily reminders, affirmations, and offerings for tending to that primary relationship with yourself. Release date is in July, but you can pre-order them on Amazon now: Self-Care Pre-Order & Gratitude Pre-order. You can also go to the Simon & Schuster page (they're a distributer? I don't really understand publishing lol), where you can pre-order in a few places (if you're not into Amazon). If you're looking for an insanely deep intuitive tool for deep dives, this may not be your bag (though that's in the works!!! stay tuned!!), but for light everyday reminders to refocus on your relationship with both self and abundance, these are 💎 💎 💎.


Wishing you all the courage it takes to look inward,

when it's so much easier to look

at somebody else.

~ Caitlin ~

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