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Hi Friends. August is almost at a close and I've spent the whole of the last two months recovering from multiple surgeries and navigating this leg of the cancer treatment journey. Work has taken a back seat for the most part, although I've made it into the studio a bit to continue to develop projects for S | G | L w o r k s. Thank you to everyone who purchased an artwork from the first collection! Some of these pieces have already landed in their new homes and the others will be on their way this week – the framing (due to supply chain issues, I was told!) along with my physical ability delayed things initially, but now we're back in business ♡

If you ordered a piece from me and you haven't received a tracking # yet, that means it hasn't been shipped as I send those along as soon as they go out. As I mentioned above, my plan is to get everything outstanding in the mail this week, but if you have any questions or concerns always reach out to me! I so appreciate you all, Friends, and always love to hear from you.

☲☲☲ I know that in these letters I usually like to wax poetic about the energies floating through the palpable realms, but this month I'm going to keep things short and sweet because time is of the essence There are a mere 5 days to listen to this playful playlist before September rolls around and the energies shift yet again. So please enjoy this long, sumptuous collection of sensual summer vibes as we linger in these last magical days of warmth and sunshine ♡

A playlist that encourages you to center erotic daydreams, flirt as a form of everyday livin', laze in sensual atmospheres, worship the body divine, and shine fierce love while you purrrrr like a kitten ♡♡♡

Peruse the v e s s e l works online, available to collect now ♡ 15% of all sales will be donated to Family Reach, an organization that helps cancer patients and their families with the financial burdens that cancer care and treatment places on families.

In case it's healing or freeing to watch someone else cut off all their hair in the forest on the new moon ♡♡♡ Sharing this with all of you. Cancer is a journey of self-acceptance and love, even though the worst of pain. Moments like this are sacred affirmations of life. I hope you feel it too.

In case you haven't been checking out the FRIEND ENERGIES monthly playlists, here's the spot you can find them ALL! Pick and choose your vibe, bop around, and follow if you want to keep up with these collections ♫♫♫


'Til next time,


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