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Hi Friends.

Does anyone else feel like this April's energy is exquisitely direct and to the point? Every time I try to belabor something – a decision, a relationship, a conversation, even a feeling – in that special way that we-as-monkey-minds do, the answer I receive comes at me like a punch to the gut. Outcomes are not so much thought experiments, but rather a series of stop signs or green lights, planting themselves firmly in both my internal and external landscapes. Of course sometimes finding a middle way is prudent, but I find myself asking right now:

Why search for the yellow lights in moments when the universe tries so hard to make things crystal clear?

I suppose this is the energy I hope to share with you this month: A reminder, if you will, that when you receive a strong message in your gut, it's actually okay to listen to it. Sometimes we don't need to understand why we feel the way we do. Or why our feelings might not line up with our thoughts. Instinct lives below the surface of rationality, and yet it exists for many powerful reasons – no less and no more important than reason itself. Just different. And sometimes the quickest and most meaningful way towards our truest selves is simply to let it lead.


Below you'll find a power-packed monthly playlist, as well as an invitation to ...

Check out what I do! Work with me! Cement our friend energies in new and exciting ways! Run off with me in a chariot of instinctual creative fire!

... Jokes aside, I realized this month that most of my clients come through word-of-mouth, and I almost NEVER advertise or talk about what I offer here professionally... And that I should do that sometimes! So below you can find more info about what I do and the ways we might work together ♡

So what happens after you decide to radically stop shouldering everything that's been so hard to carry? What happens when you're unapologetically YOU without having to know what that even means? How would you move around in space? Where would your instincts lead if you decided to stop judging them for what they are? This month's playlist is all about moving energy THROUGH, getting the voice in your head to shut-up for a sec so you can just breathe, move your body, and feel your fire. We're all animals at the end of the day, and that's magic in and of itself.

What do I do here at FRIEND ENERGIES, anyway? Why who where when and how might we work together?

Broadly put, I offer a range of creative services to businesses, organizations, and individuals through project management, ideation, and support; content creation & strategy; audiovisual production; writing/copywriting/editing; operational organization & support; and new works ideation. I'm often hired for specific roles in either a project or entity, and also offer one-on-one or group consulting on an ongoing or one-time basis – so there are many possibilities for how we might work together.

I love hearing from new people, so please reach out if this piques your interest! I always do a free check-in to see if I can help you, and I never take clients I'm not confident I can deliver for. Just click here if you're curious, and peruse my offerings on the site ♡.


Sending permission to be radically you,


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