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Hi Friends.

It's finally here! I'll keep my letter short this month, because what I'm most excited about is sharing with all of you my first full studio album, Following the Light, which is out everywhere TODAY ♡ As you know, it's been a few years in the making, and it feels like a special moment to finally release this work into the world.


About the album:

"FOLLOWING THE LIGHT inhabits landscapes that are dark, mysterious, and liminal. When it was recorded in 2018, I was unexpectedly pregnant, and my reality was potent and raw. The songs themselves urged me to move within this space and time unafraid of the powerful specters that lurked there, because, in fact, I was one.

To claim the identity of what frightened me in the unknown passage from one form to another... that was all put into these tunes."

Praise for Following the Light:


Below you'll find the November playlist (super long, deep, and wide), as well as *all the links* to listen to and experience this record. As many of you know, this is an independently produced album, and any support you can throw into giving it life and visibility in the world is very much appreciated – so please listen, like it, share it on social media, download it, add it to all your playlists, forward this email to your friends, and show this song some love ♡ Special thanks to Scott Renderer, Eric Klotzko, Chris Kowanko, Michael Laschomb, and Scott Craggs for all your contributions and support – without you this record would have never come to be. And to everyone else: Thank you thank you for following along with my work, it means the world.


Intuitively curated towards long, deep, surging understanding of dark beauteous depths, sitting with your own shadow, calling your deepest desires into the wind, unapologetically magnetizing your power, and the quiet potency of unfolding into your truest form.

Link to stream Following the Light on Spotify! If you have a Spotify account, this is the best place to listen, as it helps me the most in terms of giving the record visibility (aka "ye olde algorithm"). If you enjoy what you hear, please like the album, add the songs to your playlists, and follow along ♡

Limited run of classic black vinyl ~ Rich matte artwork, lyric insert, and a chance to experience the record in the flesh. If you have a record player, this is the way to do it. Orders ship out weekly.

If you've listened to the album and you like what you hear, give me a follow on Spotify! Again, it is so helpful and so appreciated, and helps my songs get more play ♡

If Spotify ain't your thing, you can also find the record on Apple Music ~

Record also available on Amazon Music ~ and if you're friends with Alexa, she's got it too ♡

Over the next month I'll be posting "live" performances of the songs from Following the Light on my Instagram (@Caitla), if you want to see them performed in the (digital) flesh. This is my recent rendition of the title track, recorded in my basement ♡ Hope to play some live shows in the spring, but until then, this is my more personal way of sharing these tunes ♡

I'm posting most of my musical content on my personal instagram handle ~ If you don't already follow me there, it would be a great place to check that stuff out, as well as a huge help to me in getting my work noticed ♡

All the feedback and praise for Following the Light goes on the Beautywood Records instagram handle ~ Follow along to help me grow this project, and check out some of the cool things people have been saying about the record ♡


Thanks for listening :) Much love to everyone, and I hope you enjoy this record.

Please reach out and let me know what you think!

~ Caitlin ~

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