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Hi Friends.

July, in all her glory, has been offering all the sticky heat needed to ripen and unearth deep remembrances of days gone by. I find myself rocketed back in time through the interplay of humid days and chilly nights, suddenly immersed in the sensory memories of summers past. These echoes are sweet and full of nostalgia, but also challenging. If the last year and half changed you at all, you might also find yourself wondering: Who was I then? And more pressingly: Who am I... now?

Older versions of the self emerge as we re-meet people and places face-to-face. Friends and family are on the move as we finally commune in the same spaces again. All the feels are back. And all the questions that come up when old memories meet the new you seem to point towards a larger question of belonging:

Which people – and what places – still feel like home?

This month's offerings are geared towards our intentional reckoning with the past: an honoring of the process of solidifying old roots, or tending new ones.

What memories (and past selves) are emerging for you this July? Which ones dance beside you as you move into the next phase of your life... and which ones appear like ghosts, no longer a part of who you want to be?


Assembled intuitively, with an eye towards nostalgia: the remembering of stories about life and love that were handed to us in our youth, and the uncovering of which stories still hold true... and which ones we have to let go of in order to fully belong to ourselves.

Who manages it? Me! What's on the feed? Tons of art! I highlight artists & creative work that speaks to the spirit of friendship and connection. Occasional posts about new projects, too. Follow along to see cool art & support Friend Energies' growth & belongingness in the cybersphere ♡

Belongingness often evokes a picture of community, but sometimes it means simply belonging to yourself. The Self-Care Deck – a Friend Energies collab with Mandala Publications / Insight Editions – is a lovely tool for elevating and incorporating self-care rituals into your daily life. Available now, straight from the publisher.

When we remember to name all that we already have, we begin to see the ways in which our environment and our connections hold and support us. We see where we belong. The Gratitude Deck is a great tool to help incorporate rituals of thanks & belonging into everyday life. Available now, straight from the publisher.


Wishing you all a deep sense of belongingness this month,

especially when it comes from unexpected places.

~ Caitlin ~

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