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Hi Friends.

When I think of spring gardens, they don't so much represent the Eden-like abundance of the summer or fall. Rather, they channel abundance in their ability to contain and foster fast and intense growth, seemingly out of nowhere. These early gardens are delicate, mysterious, variable. They are energetic abundance personified – or plantified, rather – a place where animated truth springs forth from the steady soil.

This month I'm thinking a lot about grounded metamorphosis: to be planted somewhere, as if in the garden. Resting. Gathering resources. Channeling abundance through belief in one's potential, and when the moment strikes, bursting through seed-like boundaries and growing with abandon.

The offerings this month speak to the secret desires of the seed, and the welcome, soft soil that allows them to take root. What yearnings do you have right now that still remain dormant inside of you? What secret words are being whispered in your ears... and will you heed them?


5 long hours of down-tempo tunes to connect you to your grounding center: points of landing, easy rambling, resting, luxurious exploration of all moods, inner excavation and rebuilding. From the seed to the flower, dark to light and back again, the point of channeling abundance might be to just take pleasure in it all. Use these 5 hrs to explore every mood that drifts by as if it's the garden itself.

Artist Lea Fulton – one of my favorite dancers, thinkers, and people to ever walk this earth – just released her short film, Wind in the Metallic."This film was conceived, shot and edited in a time of flight and grief and paradoxically a time of deep intimacy, welcomed anonymity and joy." Highly recommend watching for four and a half minutes of landscape lust and sweet energetic release.

Julie Kathryn, aka the musical artist and producer I AM SNOW ANGEL, is an old friend of mine from back in the day (aka highschool, aka the 1990s). Now a prolific artist, her newest EP, Falling Down from the Earth, drops... 🌱 TODAY 🌱 This four-song album marries her signature lush (garden-like) sonic-scape with pop-worthy chord progressions, all of which will put an actual spring in your step.


& check out her full discography here:

I'm truly inspired by my friend Julie (aka I AM SNOW ANGEL). When we first met, music was a passion of hers, but we were in high school and, as we all know, many passions come and go between then and when we "start our lives." Reality beckons, and so often we don't end up pursuing the calling in our hearts. Fast forward 20 years: Not only is she a full-time artist and producer, but she's also a new mom and the founder of Female Frequency, an organization dedicated to "empowering female, transgender & non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female generated." We recently caught up to talk shop: creative process, motherhood, and her newest batch of songs, Falling Down to the Earth. Peep the whole conversation, plus some vids and tracks, right here ~


Wishing you all moments of pleasure, rest, and irresistible growth

during this merry month of May.

~ Caitlin ~

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