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This podcast project is a yearlong conversation between producers Katie Wilson (Open Eye Media) and Caitlin Scholl (Friend Energies), about the divisive state of modern culture in America. 

In 2018, Katie – an entrepreneur, mother, & general rabble rouser – had just run for a US House seat in New York's 21st Congressional District. Though she didn't end up in office, Katie walked away from the experience with the sense that our country was hopelessly divided by tribal tendencies. Around that time, "tribalism" was quickly becoming a buzzword in the media, and she was compelled to investigate. 

Enter Caitlin, Katie's old friend from upstate NY, now a multimedia artist and producer living in Maine. Together they formed THE MULTIVERSE, a podcast metasphere in 3 parts, where they peek under the covers in some of the country's most interesting (and controversial) tribes: the realm of DC POLITICS, the CANNABIS INDUSTRY, and the ever-marginalized MOM TRIBE. As writers, producers, and co-hosts of the show, the duo enter into complicated conversations with both industry insiders and outsiders, as well as each other, and kick around topics that at times challenge even a 15 year friendship. 

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Luckily, things aren't as hopeless as they seem, and we made it out of THE MULTIVERSE alive. Will you?  This land is your land, after all. 

Stay curious, America.

– Katie + Caitlin –

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