Updated: Feb 16

When I started FRIEND ENERGIES, I was, well, energized around the idea of creating a space to share the inner voices and wild imaginings of my friends and fellow creators, as well as the voices of those who – while perhaps not personally connected (yet...) – occupy the same cultural spaces, and are in constant and evolving dialog with each other. And the truth is: despite perceived separateness and our mad egos' willful assertions that we are distinct specimens, we are, always, speaking with and to each other. Connected by the invisible threads comprised of everything we say, everything we do, and all the myriad energies we put out into the world.

There is no such thing as standing alone, despite the undercurrent of loneliness that pervades modern life.

So, the concept here is quite simple: this HOUSE JOURNAL is a place to explore and celebrate the voices of today's culturemakers... those who are making and doing and sharing, who are joining their ideas and actions and dreams to the chorus of voices that collectively shifts our culture forward. It is a place for

I've had a house journal (a real, physical book!) in every place I've lived, ever since I was 19 years old. It usually lived on the kitchen table – a natural, daily gathering spot – and served as a shared space for people record their thoughts, blah blah blah